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Rellik (2017) Sub Collection

Rellik (2017) Sub Collection
Year : 2017
IMDB : 6.2/10
Actors : Richard Dormer, Jodi Balfour, Paterson Joseph, Lærke Winther

Told in reverse, the show follows DCI Gabriel Markham and his team as they try to hunt down a serial killer.

මේවත් බලන්න

The King Loves (2017) [S01 : E14] Sinhala Subtitle

The king loves (රජුගේ ආදරය ) “චෙරියෝන්ග් උත්සවය දිනට මන් ආපස්සට බලනවිට මේ හැමදේම පටන් …

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